Migratory Habits

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imageMeet Karie, the maker behind our most recent Makers Alongside collection—fun and casual waxed canvas and leather backpacks. Karie has been designing and making ever since she could grasp a pencil and scissors when she was young. Because both of Karie’s parents were artists and craftspeople,…

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At 28, for the first time in my life, I have an actual role model. Two actual role models. Both are artists, rock-stars and humans. Both defy conventional expectations of what a female musician should be. Neither of them uses their sexuality to make some misguided statement about female empowerment. Both freely and fearlessly express who they are through their style, music, attitude and actions. This is what I want to see in all women everywhere. Wear what you want, do what you want. Don’t try to look sexy and cute because that’s what the magazines tell you to do, and because you feel you need to compete with other women to be the sexiest and the cutest, and because that’s what men [think they] want. It really is time to say Fuck what men want. I had the pleasure of seeing Neko Case and Annie Lennox perform recently, and they are such an inspiration.